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Overview of the Editor


Drag and drop the editor into multiple areas to compare and edit codes across files.

Keyboard shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcuts to control the editor. These can be easily set and changed.


Oditor provides syntax highlighting for over 60 programming languages.


JSHint, a static code analysis tool for checking whether the JavaScript source code complies with the encoding rules.


Oditor helps with an intelligent and flexible auto-completion, easier and faster programming.

Search and replace

Besides the simple search there is also a RegEx search. It is possible to search for patterns instead of exact matches.


Oditor allows you to edit files with multiple cursors.


Changes in an open file can be seen directly at the edge of the editor.

Markdown and picture view

Markdown files can be rendered and displayed in the integrated viewer.
Images can be opened directly in the editor.

A multifunctional file tree


Right-click to create, rename, copy, download, delete, or browse files.

Create and Rename

You can create or rename files directly in the file tree.


Quickly find and open files using the console.

Move files

You can use drag & drop to move files from one folder to another.

Save as

Easily save files using Explores.

Debugging in the Browser

Create in seconds

Containers can be created in the editor with a few clicks. This is ready for use after a few seconds.


Use the Integrated Terminal to conveniently execute any command in your container. Through root access you can also install programs.

Search in container

Browse files in a container with multiple filtering options.

monthly billing

Containers can be rented and managed monthly via the dashboard.

container management

In the editor you can view the container or stop/start it.

Privacy by Design

Headquarter in Germany

Our headquarters are in Germany. Our websites and the containers are hosted on the servers of Netcup (Karlsruhe).

Anonymous payment

Payment can be made either in cash (currently still deactivated), by transfer (currently still deactivated) or by means of a voucher. A later tracing is not possible.

Advertising and tracking free

We have no tracking service and no tracking cookies.


Access data such as your FTP server will be stored encrypted.
Also the AuthToken (e.g. from Dropbox) is encrypted.

Two-factor authentication

To make it more difficult for attackers to access your account, you can enable two-factor authentication.

Data economy

When registering at our site you only need an email address and a username.